28 February 2017


It's that time of the month again, kiddies! We are just about finished with February and that means it is time for a CUPCAKESPLOSION!

It also happens to be Fat Tuesday; the feast before the fast... for some folk, anyway.

Seems like a good enough reason to shower you with some MARDI GRAS CUPCAKES!

21 February 2017

Humans: Playing God Since God Knows When

The process of making beef jerky is a long one, as you might have guessed. More tedious than labor-intensive. Still, it eats up a good amount of time with waiting... and I figured that would be a good excuse to write something.

We have a lot of dumb phrases wedged into our lexicon, boys and girls. I could go on at frustrated length about my disdain for recent clichéd phrases that the majority of fuck-wits thankfully don't utter anymore, but there's one that always stuck in my head as confusing. Not only that, but just plain dumb.

“Playing God.”

17 February 2017

Random Shit I Like #4

One of my favorite comedians of all time is Bill Hicks and one day he will get a R.S.I.L. of his own (as he did in the previous incarnation.) For now, I merely want to focus on a brief quote of his from his 1997 album, Rant in E Minor.

14 February 2017

Would You Be My Patron Saint of Plague?

Ah, Valentine's Day. The one day of the year where most feel obligated to shower their significant others with flowers and food and lingerie and folded pieces of paper and candy that tastes like rejected classroom chalk. I mean, yeah, you could do these things on any day of the week, but for some odd reason, Valentine's Day is special.

Many of us think it's because guys like Hallmark and Godiva invented the day just to increase profits. I won't argue that they and other companies have certainly raked in their fair share of the bucks, that's a bit too cynical a view about this day... and I'm a cynic!

And as it is ever my joy in life to educate my fellow human beings, come and take an ever so brief jump into some of the hidden truths about Valentine's Day.

11 February 2017

Random Shit I Like #3

I only just discovered this about thirty minutes ago and I'm wondering where the fuck it's been all my life! Imagine the fantasy figures of your childhood having fallen upon bad times and requires the assistance and guidance of a social worker. Now, amplify that by a factor of ten.

That's today's Shareable Jollies, Les Kassos. (And no, I don't know what that means and neither does Google Translate!)

09 February 2017

Picking the Low-Hanging Fruit

Sometimes, I feel quite impotent in my anger and it might be self-imposed. Several times in the last nine days, I have started writing only to just delete everything and walk away from it. Not because I don't want to vent my frustrations, but because of what I desperately want to vent about. Not because I think it may upset some people, but because everyone else is talking about it.