11 February 2017

Random Shit I Like #3

I only just discovered this about thirty minutes ago and I'm wondering where the fuck it's been all my life! Imagine the fantasy figures of your childhood having fallen upon bad times and requires the assistance and guidance of a social worker. Now, amplify that by a factor of ten.

That's today's Shareable Jollies, Les Kassos. (And no, I don't know what that means and neither does Google Translate!)

I really wish I could explain further, but I've been too busy laughing my ass off at this series as it parodies The X-Files, Star Wars, Hello Kitty, and a handful of French characters... it's a French cartoon, so you kind of have to deal with it. Don't worry too much, though... there are subtitles.

What details I can tell you is that it was created by Alexis Beaumont, RĂ©mi Godin, Julien Daubas, and an author called "Balak," which is the pen name of illustrator and screenwriter Yves Bigerel. More details can be seen, if you'd like to see them, at this translated French Wikipedia page.

The best place to view these cartoons would be at KissCartoon.se KimCartoon.me, so stop what you're doing and watch a few episodes. Seriously, do it; each episode's only a few minutes long anyway.

No cupcakes until you do, either!

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