17 February 2017

Random Shit I Like #4

One of my favorite comedians of all time is Bill Hicks and one day he will get a R.S.I.L. of his own (as he did in the previous incarnation.) For now, I merely want to focus on a brief quote of his from his 1997 album, Rant in E Minor.

Picture Source: A-Z Quotes
We are.

Regardless of your position in this debate, we have done a great deal of damage to this planet. The need to sustain over seven billion human lives, even taking into account how some of those lives are neglected by others or don't even fit into this equation (see indigenous groups like the Sentinelese,) would be taxing on a planet if we were the only species on it... but we are not.

We are a constant drain on this little dust mote and its dwindling resources, and we are such a short-lived species that we don't think for a moment about how this may affect our species further down the line. Those that do think is, noble as their efforts are, are often shouted down and silenced by those in search of profit and power.

Someone came up with a rather novel answer: The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement, founded by Les U. Knight. With names like that, I'm not entirely sure if this is a sincere effort or if it's one massive troll. If it's a troll, it is very elaborate, detailed, and well thought.

The website has been around since 1996 and it's basic web design hides a glut of interesting conjecture, as well as links to additional sources and arguments.

If nothing else, it makes for fascinating reading.
Source: VHEMT.org

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