16 January 2017

I just want to share this with you...

Years ago, before I deleted the first incarnation of M&C for whatever stupid and non-drug-induced reason that I am still regretting now, I stumbled across this little gem of a quip from some cowardly anon.

And by the way, yes, if you don't leave some identifying marker behind your comments, you are, in fact, a bloody coward and nobody should believe any of the words that spill from that syllable-pump you call a mouth.

So, take a gander at this...

I came across this while arrogantly and egotistically searching Google for all things "Misanthropy And Cupcakes" and shut up, you do it too. It was an article written by a cat named Melissa Smith titled "Are Animals Superior to Humans? The Stupidity of Misanthropy." It's a good article and you should go read it. As to the comment above, it was poo being flung at the wall and near unintelligible poo at that. Still, me being me...

So if you're still trolling about, 'messenger'...

1) You didn't read Melissa's article, did you? I don't think it was about what you thought it was about.

2) Who would you blame for the lack of goodness in the world if not humanity? We humans have made wonders, but we have also made terrors and to not call ourselves out on it would be a greater disservice than being a whiny brat about it. So tell me, who else but us?

3) Somehow, you managed to place me in a state of emotional flux between "surprised" and "not surprised" with how quick you believe that I have, as you so eloquently phrased it, "more than one mental issue." It doesn't matter that you're right (I've been diagnosed since I was still in my single-digits,) but that you immediately assume that disappointment in the species is some manner of mental illness is quite pathetic. You know what else is? Hiding behind anonymity's shield and flinging digital poo.

4) A request to commit suicide from someone who isn't even brave enough to even put up a fake name is worthless. You are a coward, feeling comfortable enough to strike people only from the safety of your basement where you can't be touched.

5) Thank you for visiting Misanthropy And Cupcakes and thank you for linking us on a heavily trafficked article. I know this is a couple years late, but it's never too late to show appreciation for spreading the word.

In the old incarnation, I had written about the kind of misanthrope I am; one who is disappointed with humanity, feels it is squandering its grand potential over petty desires, and one who could be won over through deeds. You would have known that if you read anything that was there, and maybe I will do re-write it so it can be viewed once more.

Not by you, though. You don't seem interested in anything other than your own amusement.

Glad you had fun, child.

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