06 January 2017

I really don't want to talk about it, but...

...it needs to be said by someone. I mean, I started this back up so I could talk and rant and vent for as long as I could stand it, so I had better post something.

And while I am loathe to do it, gods damn it, it has to be done.

So yeah, I gotta talk about Trump and his wall.

His stupid, unrealistic, not-as-popular-as-his-supporters-might-think, wall. If you haven't watched the episode of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver where they actually talk about the economic and physical hurdles this project would need to overcome, go and watch it. Here, you don't even need to go far, you can watch it right here. I'll wait until you're finished; this Jambalaya ain't gonna eat itself.

Up to speed? Good. Now, take all that off the table for this discussion. Yup, erase it all from your mind. You need only remember one thing about that wall. Do you even have to guess what it is?

Source: CNN
It was one of his chief campaign promises, if not one of the things that got him elected in the first place! "Mexico will pay for that wall and it'll be yuge and it'll have my name all over it with hotels and roulette tables and the best cuts of meat we could find from the back of my gold-plated fridge. Yuge, I tell you. It'll be the best! East Germany will come back just to be envious of my wall!"

P.T. Barnum would be impressed with how he pulled this off. A sucker born every minute and all that.

Welp, kiddies, if you were one of the people who voted for Trump, how the hell did you find your way here in the first place? Secondly, you may want to sit down or down a fifth of vodka or whatever it is you do to soften bad news before it slaps you across the face. Because, following the tradition of mainstream politicians everywhere... Donald Trump appears to be going back on his word: the President-Elect is asking Congress to pay for it.

Which means, my citrus-loving friend, YOU will be paying for it!

Now, since I told you to forget all that John Oliver stuff you spent 18 minutes of your life watching, I'll remind you of a fact that is now relevant to this discussion. Despite Trump's apparently inability to give a solid number on the wall's cost, he was right about one thing: the wall will cost billions. His highest estimate was $12 billion, a study by research firm AllianceBernstein puts the cost anywhere between $15 billion and $25 billion, and Oliver's work shows that the maintenance of the wall would (within seven years) exceed the initial building costs.

But if it cost $12 billion or $25 billion or $25,000, the important part of the story is that Trump is now asking that taxpayers foot the bill! Now, in the issue of fairness, Trump is shooting back that Mexico will pay us back and that asking taxpayers to pay for it is just to get the project started faster... but honestly, how can you believe that now? He swore, up and down, state to state, from sea to shining sea, that Mexico and Mexico alone would pay for it. Suddenly and without warning, you are now being asked to foot the bill, but he swears Mexico's good for it. You don't buy that, do you? You can't be that naive... but then again, you did vote for the guy.

Besides, that wall will do nothing about the folks who come over on planes. You remember planes, right? Those pill-shaped contraptions that can, y'know, just fly over walls?

Well kiddies, if nothing else, this'll be an interesting term.

...$50 says he'll duck out before the half-way point.


Source & Recipe: Brown Eyed Baker

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